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HSING-I Training Program


Great Grand Master Sun Lu-Tang long spent many years training in Northern Kung-Fu systems, Special Chin-Na Practices, and Shuai-Chiao, then trained extensively in Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, & Tai-Chi. Through this training he created to a Complete, Internal System - The Sun Lu-Tang System. Within this system he combined the knowledge of his masters from each system to develop the first truly integrated Internal Martial Arts System. Sun Lu-Tang was famous for his ability to instantly overcome any opponent without punching, kicking or struggling in any way. This method was the root of old China's elite body guard companies and is known as Chin-Chiao - “Faster Then Thought Self Defense.” Advanced training consists of studying other branches of Hsing-I or Pa-Kua.


The training program is divided into six grades (White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, and Brown) Each grade requires approximately 60 hours training time. Black Belt (Instructor Level) follows Brown
Please read our about our Training Methods to decide which path of study is best suited for your time

Every class trains Chi-Kung, Nei-Kung, , Hsing-I and Sun's concepts with basic movements, forms, weapons, and instantaneous Self-Defense applications, which are used to check the correct handling of the Fa-Ching (Internal Energy). The use of two person energy drills are essential in developing correct expression of internal energy and the ability to react instantaneously to the lightest pressure.

Certification Tests will be held 3-6 times a year. Each test will include demonstrated proficiency of basic movements, forms and a minimum of 6 Self-Defense Applications of a type required for that grade. From White Belt through Black Belt a minimum of 36 different applications must be properly executed with at least 18 Chin-Na application.

Belt Requirements

White Belt - Beginner
1) Fundamental Movement, Chi-Kung, Nei-Kung
2) The San Ti Shih (Three in One Posture).
3) Fixed Step Wu-Hsing (Five Elements):Pi Peng Tsuan Pao Heng
4) Free Step Wu-Hsing - Great Sun Lu-Tang's special theory first level
5) Internal Self-Defense applications - the highest expression of Hsing-I theory

Yellow Belt
1) Fixed and Free Step Wu Hsing Lien Huan – Five Elements Linking Form
2) Wu Hsing Sen Ke -- Beginning two men form
3) Hsing-I Lien Huan Kun – Hsing-I Staff
4) Anti-Grappling and Anti-Embrace Self-Defense - Beginning reaction training

Orange Belt
1) Shih Erh Hsing - Twelve Animals and their routines.
    (1 - 4) Lung - Dragon; Hu-- Tiger; Hou - Monkey; Ma -- Horse
2) Chou Yu Form: “Go As You Wish'
3) Hsing-I Chien - Hsing-I Sword.
4) Anti-Attack Self-Defense - Intermediary Internal Self-Defense

Green Belt
1) Shih Erh Hsing - Twelve Animals and their routines,
   (5 - 8). To - Turtle; Chi - Roster; Yao - Hawk; Yen -- Swallow
2) Ssu Pa - “Four Forms”
3) Hsing-I Tao - Hsing-I Broadsword (Saber).
4) Self-Defense without the use of Hands - Hsing-I Chin-Chiao training

Blue Belt

Many items are not listed. Requirement are subject to change due continued refinement.

Shuai-Chiao, Kung-Fu, Tung-Pei, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Tai-Chi, & Wu-Tang Sword
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